Glossary of terms

In this circular and its annexures, unless otherwise stated or the context otherwise indicates, the words in the first column shall have the meanings assigned to them in the second column and words in the singular shall include the plural and vice versa, words importing natural persons shall include corporations and associations of persons and expressions denoting any gender shall include the other genders. 

Definition/Abbreviation  Description 
"the company" or "Illovo"  Illovo Sugar Limited (Registration number 1906/000622/06), a public company incorporated in the Republic of South Africa and listed on the JSE; 
"ACP/LDC"  African, Caribbean, Pacific/Least Developed Countries; 
"board"  Illovo's board of directors; 
"B-BBEE"  broad-based black economic empowerment; 
"BOD" biochemical oxygen demand; 
CDP  Carbon Disclosure Project; 
"certificated shares"  the shares of shareholders who have not dematerialised their share certificates in terms of STRATE; 
"CI" Continuous Improvement; 
CMS  Concentrated Molasses Solids (from which fertiliser is produced); 
COD  chemical oxygen demand; 
"Companies Act"  the Companies Act, No. 71 of 2008; 
"Companies Regulations"   the Companies Regulations, 2011; 
"dematerialised" the process by which certificated shares are converted to an electronic form as uncertified shares and are recorded in the sub-register of shareholders maintained by the CSDP; 
"DIFR"  disabling injury frequency rate; 
"directors"  the directors of Illovo; 
"ERM"  enterprise risk management;  
"EU"  European Union; 
"FSSC"  Food Safety System Certification; 
"GHG emissions"  greenhouse gas emissions; 
"GRI" or "GRI Index"  the Global Reporting Initiative's G3 Guidelines; 
"group" or "Illovo group"  Illovo and its subsidiaries; 
"GWh"  gigawatt hour; 
"HEPS"  headline earnings per share;
"IAS"  International Accounting Standards; 
"IFRS"  International Financial Reporting Standards; 
"IRAS"  Integrated Reporting & Assurance Services; 
"Illovo SA"  Illovo Sugar (South Africa) Limited; 
"Illovo shareholder" or "shareholder(s)"  a holder or holders of Illovo ordinary shares of 0.04 cents each, who are entered as such in the company's certificated or uncertificated securities registers; 
"ILO"  International Labour Organisation; 
"JSE"  JSE Limited; 
Definition/Abbreviation  Description;
"JSE Listings Requirements"  the Listings Requirements of the JSE; 
"King III"  the King Code of Corporate Governance Principles for South Africa, 2009, read with the King Report on Governance for South Africa 2009; 
"LUSIP"  Lower Usuthu Smallholder Irrigation Project; 
"MWh"  megawatt hour; 
"NCDs"  non-communicable diseases; 
"NGO"  non-government organisation; 
"NOSA"  National Occupational Safety Association; 
"OECD"  Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development; 
"ordinary shares"  the ordinary shares in the share capital of Illovo; 
"pH"  a measure of acidity/alkalinity; 
"PSS"  Illovo Sugar Phantom Share Scheme; 
"SACU"  South African Customs Union; 
"SASA"  South African Sugar Association; 
"SASRI"  South African Sugarcane Research Institute; 
"SENS"  the Securities Exchange News Service of the JSE; 
"SRI Index"  the Socially Responsible Investment Index of the JSE; 
"STRATE"  STRATE Proprietary Limited (Registration number 1998/022242/07), a registered central securities depository in terms of the Custody and Administration of Securities Act, No. 85 of 1992, as amended; 
"tCO2 tons carbon dioxide; 
"tCO2e"  equivalent tons carbon dioxide; 
"TIFR"  total injury frequency rate; 
"transfer secretaries"  Link Market Services South Africa Proprietary Limited (Registration number 2000/007239/07), a private company incorporated in the Republic of South Africa; 
"USA"  United States of America; 
less than; 
more than. 


Date: Wed, 15 July

Time: 14:00

Venue: Illovo Sugar Park

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